Monster World 3 Review

A simple way to understand monster hunter world is that is a place in, which people hunt the fantasy creatures and monster instead of being their prey. You have got yourself into a large and unique world were the inhabitants are fed by the corpses that fall out of the sky and on to the ground.

Monster World 3 is essentially a third person shooter in. which you have to dominate the food chain or get eaten, while you need to look stylish whilst doing so. As you progress through this game the hunts become more complicated and the fights with beautiful creatures get longer, with some even lasting over an hour. You will need to collect items from your kills that help you to create the best armor to help you become the most important fighter on the planet.

This game is concerned with how the players are the colonizers of a new world and will gladly do whatever it takes to dominate their new land even if that means wiping out the species already living there. You are set to do battle with the beautiful yet awe inspiring dragon children. to complete the game you will have to kill endless numbers of them. If you can handle slaughter on such a scale then you will really enjoy this game.

There is a purpose behind this creature feature

Although the slaughtering of monsters seems endless at no part of the game is it pointless.

In this game you are constantly searching to find the rarities that will allow you to create and then use the best armor hopefully on the way to controlling everything. A really helpful point to consider is that you take the items or weapons from creatures that such things reflect the characteristics and the properties of the creatures. That helps you to create armor that protects you from multiple threats and build up an arsenal of weapons to successfully kill a wider variety of creatures.

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The game provides you with information about the monsters within it, profiling what they are able to successfully as well as the items that will harm or even kill them. In many respects the more creatures you have succeeded in killing the greater your chances of killing the more powerful creatures as you complete more and more of the game. You can take the sensible option of comparing all of the data to find the creature with the weaknesses that can be taken advantage off with the weapons you have. after each successful kill you then look at the remaining monsters and again fight the most vulnerable one.

However the fights you have with the creatures are not always confined to you versus them, as other creatures may join in the encounter. Then you have to judge whether to continue the fight or to retreat to a safe distance and consider taking on the winner, bearing in mind that you might not have the right armor or weapons to fight the interloper. Just bear in mind that not everything in this world is what it seems and there are hidden hazards that can proof fatal to you and the creatures.

Monster Hunter World – Before You Buy

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