The Final Fantasy video game series is dear to many gamers’ hearts. These Japanese-developed role-playing games have different stories, settings and gameplay between each instalment. But one thing you will notice is that they retain the plot and some gameplay elements throughout, focusing on science fantasy. Since 1987, about sixteen instalments of the game series have been released by Square Enix who is also the developer of the Final Fantasy game series. We have also seen a number of amazing spin-offs such as Kingdom Heart, Mana and SaGa series. Which games from the series have you played and enjoyed the most? Below are the top 3 best Final Fantasy games ranked by the gaming community;

1.Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy six is arguably the best game among the series. Featuring a rich plot and an out-of-this-world science fantasy setting, the game will capture all your attention and leave you deeply immersed in it.

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Nowadays, many games do not allow you to progress to the subsequent levels when you fail to pass the current level at which you are. But with this game, progress is easier. You do not have to succeed in your current level to be able to progress to the next one. Then how often does a primary antagonist go from a literal-minded jester to power-hungry wrecker who actually succeeds in his evil plans?

2.Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII introduced a number of innovations that make the game to be more fun and enjoyable. These include an open world, a customizable “gambit” system that enables the player to control the artificial intelligence of characters in battle and a hunting side quest, which lets the player find and crush increasingly difficult monsters in the game’s open world.

The epic plot of the game involves Ivalice, a fantasy land, where the empires of Rozarria and Archadia and are waging an endless war against each other. This leads to the annexation of Dalmasca, a small kingdom, is caught between the warring empires, by Archadia. The battle takes a new twist as Dalmasca joins forces with her long-time allies to resist the invasion.

3.Final Fantasy V

One of the factors that have made Final Fantasy V be so popular among gamers that it made it to our list is customization. The game allows players to customize characters using a wide range of options, offered by the greatly expanded Job System.

The fifth instalment of the Final Fantasy game series has also been applauded for offering great gameplay. For example, players can navigate a traversable overworld from a top-down perspective to explore different places of interest.

You can get around on foot, an airship, a Chocobo, a wind drake or a hydra-guided ship. Most destination offer shops where you can buy the necessary equipment and other things, scattered inns where you can rest, and there are also people you can talk to in order to get information. You may also venture in many side quests that become available as you progress.

Final Thoughts

These are the top 3 best games from the Final Fantasy series based on certain unique advantages. For example, Final Fantasy VI features a rich plot and an out-of-this-world science fantasy setting, which make it a tremendously fun and enjoyable game to play. Final Fantasy XII, on the other hand, offers a number of unique innovations that go a long way in improving the gameplay. These include an open world, a customizable “gambit” system and a hunting side quest. Then we have Final Fantasy V, which has been applauded for customization and incredible gameplay.

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