This blog was created back in 2018 to focus on Rach’s passion for MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) and RPG (Role Playing Game) games. The MMORPG games have a very large number of players that interact with one another within a virtual world. Rachel loves the fantasy world or science-fiction world. She wanted to share her sparky analysis and pointed reviews on the games she played. If you love online games, then bookmark this blog to stay informed & updated in the gaming world.


Rachel Shields

Hi, I’m Rach. I built this blog due to my passion for gaming. I love MMORPG because every time I play online games such as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, World of Warcraft, Secret World Legends, EVE Online, Blade and Soul and many more, I feel that I am in a different dimension, in a different world. The games offer me a superior experience in a virtual world, like, I have the ability to talk to, trade with, fight and team up with other players online.