Role-playing(RPG)games are some of the most popular types of video games out there. These games where the gamer assumes the role of a fictional character/s to undertake a quest in an imaginary world can be very challenging yet extremely fun and immersive. Many of them offer challenges that are difficult yet conquerable with creative thinking and some outstanding gaming skills. They are a great way to improve your cognitive skills and problem-solving skills.

If you are looking for some new role-playing games to flex your mental muscles and test your gaming skills to the limit, below are some two best action RPG games ever made, worth considering.

1. Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is the final release of the Chrono game series, which is developed and published by Square on behalf of Nintendo. These Japanese inspired role-playing video game can run on any gaming hardware whether it is Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox. In addition, it is compatible with nearly all operating systems be it mobile OSs or computer OSs. For example, Windows, Android, iOS and other operating systems support it.

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The story of Chrono Cross is what earns this game the first spot on our list. It focuses on a young boy called Serge and a theme of parallel worlds. Faced with an alternate reality in which he passed away as a kid, the boy sets out to uncover the truth of the two worlds’ divergence. He is assisted by a number of characters in his travels around the tropical archipelago El Nido. Endeavoring to uncover his past and find the mysterious Frozen Flame, Serge faces his main antagonist “Lynx”, a mysterious character who is working to seize him.

2. Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is another incredible creation of Square for Nintendo. Just like Chrono Cross, the top-rated role-playing game suits essentially all gaming hardware. In addition, it is compatible with nearly all mainstream PC operating systems and mobile operating systems.

Final Fantasy VI offers thrilling and thought-provoking challenges to conquer based on a unique story. It also features the greatest soundtrack ever created of its kind.

In the town of Narshe, the main character “Terra” sets out on a mission to seize a mysterious object that has some telepathic powers. Upon locating it inside an ice block, a magical reaction happens and the soldiers accompanying Terra are killed and Terra is knocked unconscious. Upon awakening, she is unable to remember anything except for her name and her processes when it comes to magic.

The idea is to seize the magical object, which will not be seized easily because of the events that occur every time it is about to be captured. This requires some critical thinking skills and well-thought-out gaming skills to accomplish.

Final Thoughts…

Playing Chrono Cross or Final Fantasy VI will see you glued to your screen for many hours thanks to the level of fun, thrill, and engagement each game offers. You can try out these two challenging yet rewarding games first before we recommend more such RPG games.

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